Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cubase 8 download video tutorial

So i wanted to share this video with you guys. In case you are still looking for a cubase 8 download link.
In the meantime i posted a download link for Steinberg cubase 8 in my previous article. I think both version works, but the video explains very well, how to donwload from filehosts.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to choose dj softwares and Cubase 8 free download links

Do you know what kind of equipment uses professional club DJ in 2016? If not, then enjoy this reading. Most likely they will use the following things…Professional sound recordings (for example: compact Discs, media files and vinyls.)Combination of two devices is a must (only one, if playback is digital) to make audio recordings, to make a continuous playback of remix (for example: CD players, media files, MP4 and record players)PRO Sequencer which can easily mix different MIDI tracks with Digital music Sound system for broadcasting the audio recordings (for example: PAS system or a radio broadcast) A DJ mixer, which is an electronic (usually 4-channeled) audio mixer which is attached with a crossfader in order to smoothly go from one mix to another.

Headphones is a must! They are used to listen to one recording while the other recording is being played to the people in the club, or to listen to both recordings contemporary.There is always option for microphone, so the DJ can introduce himself/herself or the music.Other equipment can be included to the simple DJ setup, providing unique and neat sound manipulations. These devices contain:

Electronical effects such as octave, chorus and equalizer. Some of the DJs use also a synthesizer effect for a VERY low bass-sound, which most likely is added to the mix.Computerised performance organization, which can be used with vinyl simulation software to operate digital files on the CPU in no time.

Multi headshells, which allow a DJ to play different channels of the same record at the same time.

Special DJ Software for manipulating digital files on laptop or a PC. Pro tools Propellerhead Reason, Cubase 8 etc..

And of course – drum machines, samplers and sequencers.

Different techniques are used by DJ in order to mix perfectly and blend the recorded audio.
They primarily use equalization and cueing.The frequency and complexity of Several techniques are used by DJs as a means to better mix and blend recorded music.Those techniques mostly include the equalization, cueing and music mixing of three or more sound inceptions. The complexity and frequency of special manner depends mostly on the setting in which a Disc Jockey is working.  DJs from Radio don’t focus on mixing music, because CLUB DJs rely more on a smooth transition between two songs.Club DJ techniques mostly include phrasing, beat-matching and slipping to preserve energy flow on a club floor.       

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Find your DJ Gear! Cubase free 8 download is available!

by Klaus Timor on march 16, 2016 In this post, I will give you more information about this mixer, so basically I give you a Steinberg cubase 8 review. I will mention some of my favorite features and I will tell you why would I choose this software.You can always read more detailed information from the official site .

Cubase 8 works on any version of Windows including Windows 2000, XP, NT, Vista and Windows 7.
It also works with Mac and Apple (including iPhone) products.It is available as an instant download over the official homepage and you will be able to use it as soon as possible, right after purchasing. Furthermore, it will update itself and you will be in touch with the latest add-ons automatically without any extra fee.
However why would you pay for it if you can download cubase 8 for free?

That’s a really great package and you should not miss it. Let me now move on with other features:My personal favorite is DT SEQUENCERFEATURES: Simple keyboard shortcuts to everywhere, so you can easily work around the application and produce some great beats in No-Time! The panel layout is very familiar to DAW’s and production tools make this program VERY easy to use.
steinberg cubase 8 free download

 Import your personal samples!Easy to record your vibes/beats with triggers. Change your Kit selection easily to change beats FAST. You can edit volume of each pad and mix the whole kit easily Import your own sounds or simply move sounds around Want drums?
All drums have been added with the Best QUALITYExport/Import whatever your want (video,audio etc)Stereo sound – Bass will sound FULLY15 Track sequencer allows you to mix unlimited syndication of key,drum and mic tracks. Pencil TOOL for easy and fast producing/mastering.Many templates for new projectsImport new kits (updating daily!)Samples load with No-Time, no waiting!Create Bars and Strings easily and put them together creat your own beats with other DAW softwares and put them together.

That’s not all, because I only mentioned 15 features, but actually it has over 100 add-ons… Or even more, since they update the program weekly, but let me go forward to the drums…Cubase 8 SICK DRUM PANEL. So are you interested in Cubase 8 free download? Not yet? Read on...

FEATURES: Are you a drum fan? All the PADs has a keyboard trigger which are contacted to each – other.
It’s for you, so you can bang in your beats from your keyboard. You will feel yourself like you are on a sequencer!  New cubase 8 is blazing fast n super easy to use.Creat any kind of music – starting from rnb,
hip-hop, techno, dubstep, trance and even classic music.  For the beginning you will get 4 premium sample packs to start making music. You can also download free training videos.

I’m more than sure that after a week or two you will be able to mix great music! High Quality is one of the main keywords of this dj program, so you can easily listen your OWN music on your birthday, in the club or even in your car. If you are sick of those love songs on the radio, and you want to hear something else, then just make your own beats. Furthermore, if you are willing to take the time to success, then I’m more than sure that in someday you will be a PRO DJ.Some of the frequently asked questions:What if I have never made beats before?
That’s not a problem, because this software comes with a training videos and step-by-step tutorials.Can I make beats ONLINE or just on my desktop?
You can do both, but it runs faster if it’s installed on your computer, because we use quality samples.What if does not work or I don’t like this program? Just send an email, and we will fix this issue. If you are not sure about this music program, then we can refund your money.Is it really one of the Best DJ Softwares?
In my opinion, yes.
If you are beginner and your goal is to make quality music, then you should definitely try this, because this is the Best DJ Software available.
Do they have some kind of “customer support” available?- Yes. You can easily send questions to the site owner  he is very friendly and helpful.He replies in most cases within in 24 hours. Cubase 8 free download is hosted by bytewhale (free file host), but it can change anytime. What matters is its free and always will be.

If you are looking for more information, then simply read our other posts.
I will try to update this site regularly, so if you are looking for more, then come back other day.
I hope this review was helpful. If you are already using cubase 8 then maybe you want to share your experience .Thank you for reading.Click on the link for steinberg cubase 8 free download.

How To Start Your Music Career

If you already installed Steinberg cubase 8, you might want to know how to promote and educate yourself as a DJ. Many people who are just starting off their DJ career are asking me common questions about DJing, but usually always the same ,Can i really become a dj ?
I will make a short walkthrough for newbies so you would be not afraid to start off your dj career.

First of all, what do you need for mixing music? My answer would be: NOTHING. Nowadays everyone can be a DJ,since music mixing can be done from your home computer/laptop or even mobile phone. I highly recommend cubase 8 for this task.
The only thing you need is a decent dj mixer, which is steinberg cubase (it can be downloaded from my recommended site). Next thing you need is a motivation. Whether you want to be a professional DJ or you take music mixing as a hobby,you still need a little motivation. If you don’t want to make music, then simply you are not able to create music, not even with free cubase 8.
What more? You have to listen music and sometimes you have to go with the flow.
I would recommend you to listen radio every day or surf on youtube to be able to know what music is hot recently. Furthermore, its always good if you are a fan of some genre, for instance hip-hop and rnb or techno and trance.
When I started creating beats I was a huge fan of Eminem and I listen rap music every day, even my first mix tape was Eminem – Slim Shady It’s great when you have some kind of music taste or sense.
I don’t say you have to have A+’s at your music class, because I didn’t had either, but it’s great when you know how to make music.  However that’s not relevant since even a dummy can make music with cubase.
cubase 8 free download

It would be fantastic when you have a some place at home where you can be all alone and not disturbed by anyone.I remember I had 2 very annoying brothers and couldn’t make any music when they were home,
so I went to school library, downloaded the latest DJ Softwares, put my headset on and started to mix music.

What else? Gather up some friends, and show them your vibes.
Remember that your mix is not good until other people say so, but if you are more like introvert then there is always a chance to upload your music to youtube or metacafe, where different people all over the world can rate and comment on your music.

For the last word I would like to say that, if you like music and you have enough motivation to mix music,
then you better get the #1 Best SAW Software and start making music. You don’t have to be afraid, its completly free to start your music career. Cubase 8 free download is available for everyone, doesnt matter your nationality or location. Click here and Download cubase 8 with crack for free.